How to use Long Tail Pro to research keywords

In previous articles, I have guided you Using Google Keyword Planner to research keywords. And in this article, I will show you how to research keywords with Long Tail Pro. If you do not have this tool, you can consider buying it after reading My Review of Long Tail

Important Keyword Research Tips of SEO Success

I know that in many tutorial of keyword research that you find, mainly lists the big issues but, most of these guidelines are not listed in detail for the reader. But Keyword Planner is different, here I will guide you from the basic concepts to the note when

Review of Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro review by customer Dang Bach.   Have you ever read a review about Long Tail Pro? With the phrase is often used as: perfect, wonderful, can not be criticized,… These phrase that repeats and make you sick? So finally you have found the most honest review about

How to research keywords to optimize conversion rate

For each SEOer, Research Keywords is an important job and mandatory during any SEO project or website. But standing on the side of investors choose SEO as a channel of advertising, what are they interested in? That’s Conversion Rate, it is important to have more customers, so here we

Using Google Keyword Planner to research keywords

This post is under Keyword Research Serie, please subscribe it if you want to research keyword. To have an overview and understanding of the technical details of Google Keyword Planner, we will agree to follow the following directions: the difficulties encountered when keyword research, SEO tools can